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To honour the mastery and grit of the world’s most uncompromising stunt professionals and the scenes they bring to life.

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Phil Tan, Stunt Coordinator / Producer / 2nd Unit / Director
Phil Tan
“Amazing. This is such an important step. We need to start to celebrate on a worldwide basis the importance of stunt actions across the entertainment industry.” 
Deni Jordan, Stunt Coordinator / 2nd Unit Director / Action Director
Deni Jordan
“I am very excited that the global excellence of stunts is about to be recognised and celebrated with the World Action Awards.” 
Martin Shenton, Health and Safety Consultant / Stunt Coordinator 
Martin Shenton
“Good on the World Action Awards for delivering a platform to celebrate the amazing professionals who deliver phenomenal stunts on screen and need to be recognised."
Tiger Rudge, Stunt Coordinator 


Tiger Rudge
“It is the stunt people that make it real. They bring all the thrills, spills, chases and fights to life. I am thrilled that they have a space in which their work can be celebrated. Without these heroes the world of entertainment would be a lot duller!"
Faith Ugurlu, Stunt Coordinator 
Fatih Ugurlu
“I look forward to a space being created where the stunt creation process is seen as a skill, a science and an honourable career. Well done to the World Action Awards. Let's go global."
Elaine Ford, Stunt Coordinator 


Elaine Ford
“Without these heroes we all know that some of the biggest and most loved movies would not be the classic films that are loved so much. The stunt teams deserve recognition for their part in the making of htese films, so I am 100% behind the World Action Awards."
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Best Overall Action Sequence

This award incorporates all aspects of the stunt sequence. From orchestration of brief to choreography, complexity of all technical requirements to final execution, creating the most exciting, breathtaking, unbelievably believable visual delight to enthral their audience.

Best Action Micro Film

This award plays homage to those delivering extraordinary action sequences whilst operating within significantly limited budgets - they have created awe inspiring scenes with severely restricted means, deserving the highest commendation for the results achieved.

Best Action Indie Film

This award recognises the action filled productions, independently produced without major studio support and facilities, whilst maintaining the impact of acton in a true Blockbuster style through clever budgeting, excellence of planning and impeccable implementation.

Best Action Studio Film

This award gives credit to the extreme excellence demonstrated by studio action films, setting the bar beyond all expectations to bring action to life in ways we have never witnessed before.  The incredulous efforts of all involved, seducing all senses by bringing  breathtaking sequences to life!

Best Action Indie TV Show

This award demonstrates appreciation for those who have mastered a means of portraying action in spite of monetary constraints through ingenuity, resourcefulness and innovation to deliver first class action against all odds in the name of TV entertainment.

Best Action Studio TV Show

This award is in acknowledgement of those who bring action to television with movie style magic; achieving truly awe inspiring results in their sector, aiming to elevate TV action by  invigorating the viewer, lifting production value and delivering a visual delight for all those watching.

Best Action in a Micro Game

This award accredits those in Micro Game Production who have shone forth with cognisance for their audience, appreciating the expectation of the gamer in order to create action, exhilaration, momentum and enjoyment for the player or team of players to boost experience.

Best Action Indie Game

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Best Action in Studio Game

This award is an accolade to all contributing exceptional production value to Studio produced action in the Gaming world. The combined efforts of the teams and individuals involved providing seamless acton, player interaction supremacy proving their proficiency through tangible results.

Best Action in a Short

This award spotlights the Shorts that have showcased their action sequence talent whilst keeping strict tabs on time, concentration creative mastery without short changing the viewer in their action packed expectation maintaining audience attention.

Best Action in a Commercial

This award acknowledges the advertisements that have utilised the art of action in their formation to tell their story, promote their product and utilise action sequences as a means to draw attention to, engage their audience in or create a platform from which to launch.

Best Action in Short Form Documentary

This award, as with the action in feature length documentary, salutes the artistry in filming live action in a real-life situation; the need for speed of response, often lack of replay ability and associated time restrictions in which the result needs to be achieved.

Best Action in a Documentary

This award pays tribute to those portraying real life; incorporating it’s speed and live action requirements by means of precariously placed cameras, go pro usage, audio effectiveness and diligently planned detail to capture what is required for the can!

2nd Unit Director

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Stunt Coordinator

"Mastery of Spectacular Action Coordination" - Recognising the individual who exhibits exceptional skills in planning, organising, and coordinating complex stunt sequences, ensuring they are executed flawlessly to deliver maximum impact.

Assistant Stunt Coordinator

"Excellence in Supporting Stunt Craft" - Acknowledging the nominee who demonstrates outstanding support to the stunt coordinator, contributing to the overall success of stunts through their dedication, expertise, and attention to detail.

Fight Director / Choreographer

"Artistry in Crafting Epic Battles" - Honouring the nominee who displays unparalleled creativity and skill in designing and choreographing fight sequences, bringing them to life with authenticity, intensity, and innovation.

Armourer / Weapon Sequence

"Precision in Crafting Dynamic Weapon Sequences" - Recognising the nominee who exhibits exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail in designing and coordinating weapon-based stunts, ensuring they are executed safely, realistically, and with thrilling impact.

Water Specialist

"Fearlessness in Conquering Aquatic Stunts" - Commending the nominee who demonstrates exceptional expertise and bravery in executing stunts in water environments, showcasing exceptional swimming, diving, and water-specific skills while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Vehicular Stunt Coordinator

"Pushing Boundaries in Driving Thrills" - Celebrating the nominee who pushes the limits of vehicular stunts, demonstrating exceptional planning, coordination, and execution in creating heart-pounding and visually stunning action sequences involving vehicles.

Horse Master / Animal Specialist

"Harnessing the Power of Animal Action" - Recognising the nominee who demonstrates outstanding expertise and rapport with horses or other animals, delivering safe, captivating performances that highlight the strength, agility, and beauty of creatures in stunts.

Wire / Aerial Stunt

"Precision and Grace in Defying Gravity" - Applauding the nominee who deign and/or executes stunts  exhibiting exceptional skill, control, and artistry; involving wires or aerial acrobatics, combining precision, daring, and elegance to create breathtaking on-screen moments.